Electronic dance music revolutionary, Wade Randolph Hampton, aka DJ WishFM, aka W, and aka Redheadedstepchild, amongst various other stealth monikers........has always preferred exploring the outer perimeters of music. As WishFM he's a dangerously effective DJ. His deep jazz W projects on San Francisco's pioneering electronic label Zoe Magik stopped critics on a dime. He has generally stayed back in the shadows while producing critical shows across America in the early days, as well as, a very active role on the youthful EDM scene for an unparalleled 30 years of American dance music. 

If there is one thing that has consistently set him apart from all other DJs for decades, it is his incredibly wide range. Wade regularly plays three big gigs of wildly varying styles in a single weekend, digging deep into a collection of over 100,000 tracks. Unafraid, WishFM claims no genre affiliation and avoids the DJ cliques...while still somehow belonging to some of the most revered and historic DJ crews on the planet. 

His Top Secret Army of Love is best described by the critics... 

URB Magazine... "The sound of W cannot be contained in a little box. Chilled out and pilled out, Redheadedstepchild is worth your attention." 

The U.K.'s MUZIK Magazine checks his D&B set..."WishFM showcases a laidback jazzstep sound which references to LTJ Bukem and Roni Size yet is defiantly American." 

L.A.'s Fix Magazine says, "As Aphex Twin, Autechre and the old heroes of experimentation begin to disappoint and dwindle, W's new album is as refreshing as it is innovative. It is very apparent that he has been successful at realizing a dream."

Florida's SYNERGY - "Sweet and savory soul music from this non-virtual reality based mixing genius."

Indeed, when uber-group Radiohead needs a DJ to finish off the night at their epic Hollywood Bowl or Greek Theater soirees, they call just one person... WishFM. 

And they've done exactly that to finish off three World Tours in support of albums, Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief.  

Mr. Hampton has spent 25 years traveling the globe in his pursuit of absolute sonic bliss, generally arriving just ahead of the next big thing. And his timing is deafening. Dallas at the dawn of ecstasy in '85. In '88 for Chicago's second wave. Los Angeles at it's EDM flashpoint in '91. San Francisco for the record industry explosion in '94. 

At its mid-90s prime, his annual Los Angeles showcase CIRCA became the EDM festival prototype, while setting attendance records and production standards for the entire American dance scene. His alliance with L.A.'s major force in urban art, Richard Duardo and rebel underground icon - Tef Foo, was nothing short of critical, as they fought to legitimize a craft that had previously been considered dangerously juvenile. Eventually both the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition believed enough in the quest, as well, allowing the team to present their aggressive events and bombastic live soundtrack....as living, breathing, EDM art installations in their museums. Simply put, the LA music scene and in turn, the rest of the North American media would never really look at DJs the same.

Wade has enjoyed headlining status at the biggest annual festivals in this hemisphere, Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Lights All Night, Planet New Year, Cyberfest, Together As One and Monster Massive, ACA World Music Festival in Acapulco and the illustrious Ultra in Miami. In the early days, he was the tirelessly rowdy manager/DJ/roommate of what WIRED Magazine termed the original "royal family of experimental American electronic music" with San Francisco's Hardkiss Crew, as they stormed the country with their unique brand of affordable chaos. He split time with Chicago, where the practice of setting new standards was every day business as usual around the Red Nail/Blue Sky Corporation gang, which also included house music dons - Mark Farina and Derrick Carter. This uncanny ability to collaborate with top electronic co-conspirators has consistently added fuel to the fodder. While he prefers the rush of the live environment, Mr. Hampton has split his time with the studio to produce five highly celebrated compilation CDs (WishFM '96.1', WishFM '97.1', WishFM '98.1', W 'Jet Set', 'GROOVE' Soundtrack - WishFM mix). He has also produced two very original artist albums (W 'Redheadedstepchild', W 'Stepheadedredchild') for San Francisco's groundbreaking Zoe Magik label. On his own labels, Domestic Recordings and La Belle Epoque Musique, he released debut albums from himself, along with American dance music stalwarts Mark Farina, Symbiosis and Westside Chemical.

Spend one day with him and it becomes very clear... the man rarely sits still.

Mainstream publication Entertainment Weekly explains "WishFM adds another splendid piece of trance-cum-disco to the canon, crowning the genre as the new disco." 

West Coast soothsayers at XLR8R Magazine chime in, "W is firmly in the primer category as posterity knocks at the door of West Coast electronic. More than worth it."

WADE LOVES FILM AND TV... well, at least the television ads, anyways. In 1997, he burst onto the commercial ad world, creating the soundtrack on the celebrated Tony Kaye German advertising campaign to launch Mercedes Benz' A Class automobile, for what would eventually become the best selling car of all times for the German automaker. In 1999, his efforts were rewarded with a BAMMY nomination by the California Music Awards in the category of 'Outstanding Electronic Artist'. In 2000, Wade made his acting debut, playing himself in Sony Pictures Classics film 'Groove', while casting his old friend John Digweed as the marquis DJ superstar. As music supervisor for the motion picture, he produced the soundtrack for Kinetic/Warner Brothers, selling over 100,000 copies in 24 different countries. 'Groove' was nominated for 'Best Film Under $500,000 at the 2001 IFC Spirit Independent Film Awards. In 2002, he put the finishing touches on his contribution for the 'Requiem For A Dream' remix album for Darren Aronofsky's Oscar winning film, which was released on Thrive/Sony/RED Records. 

As Music Supervisor, he finally celebrated his first Sundance win in 2006 with a Special Jury Prize Award in the category of Documentary. Produced by M3 Films where Wade serves as Creative Director (the film also directed by his current business partner at Eight6Eighy6 Films, Michael Cain), 'TV Junkie' chronicled a man obsessed with filming his life of addiction, turmoil, and surprising success - eventually landing a gig as a national broadcaster for Inside Edition, and eventually falling from grace. Wade spearheaded a diverse, if not eery soundtrack that includes The Jackson 5, Spiritualized, Explosions in the Sky and Steve Earle, as well as, his own original music.  HBO released the film as part of their 'Addiction Series' which eventually won an Emmy Governors Award  from the Academy of Television Arts and Science.  Hollywood Reporter called TV Junkie  “the most powerful” of the four films included in the HBO series.

BAM Magazine touted, "You may not know Wade Randolph Hampton by name, but the 31 year old San Francisco resident is making great progress in his bid for world domination."

He is currently Co-Producer and Music Supervisor of Starck Project while also completing his first first original musical film score for the long-awaited documentary about Dallas’ legendary 80’s Starck Club, where Wade learned his craft as a child.  The film chronicles his earliest DJ mentors Kerry Jaggers, Rick Squillante and GO-GO Mike DuPriest, and includes interviews with everyone from New Order to Owen Wilson.  The soundtrack includes classic new wave and dance music from Depeche Mode, Art of Noise, The Ramones, Yaz, and Pet Shop Boys, and both Malcom McLaren and Johnny Rotten, amongst others. Wade's first artist album in over a decade, under the moniker - Smooth Criminal, is also set to explode in 2013. A bit of an underground electronic supergroup, the new act will feature some of his favorite younger accomplices, alongside an deadly lineup of four female vocalists preaching a lyrical concept and staging that will stake unchartered new ground  in EDM's latest wave of music. 

Fittingly, as 8686 Films wraps up the documentary with scenes shot over the past year as he has returned to the heralded Starck venue in it's current incarnation, Zouk - for some of the greatest shows the room has seen in decades. Disco Donnie, Full Access and Lights All Night have lavished Wade with with a series of WISHFM shows featuring back-to-back DJ sets versus some of the biggest global jockeys on the planet at the old Starck Club - including Calvin Harris, Paul Oakenfold, and most recently, Zedd. 

Wade recently completed his 4th summer  of his current DJ residency at Dallas AQUA at Sisu Day Club a partnership with Full Access and Disco Donnie Presents (SFX).  As DJ WISHFM, he makes weekly appearances alongside the biggest names in the game Paul Oakenfold, Nervo, Dada Life, 12th Planet, Destructo, Cedric Gervais, and Paul Van Dyk.

Perhaps New York's Village Voice put it most simply, as they descibed his skills..."truly stellar, cutting edge DJing." 

WishFM can move any crowd and he's coming to your town.